More “How to” adventures with Keynote’s Line Draw build to add spice to your presentations.

Following on from my previous illustration of Keynote’s new Line Draw build, here’s a demo of some more uses for it and how to use either arrows or free pen drawing to illustrate an idea about something that might “spread”. In this case, railways across the US.

I was inspired by a documentary movie about the American Mustang horse, and wanted to see if I could emulate the effects used to demonstrate the horses’ spread across the continental US. This is one way I keep myself fresh with ideas for Keynote, and try to push its limits before resorting to a more expensive harder-to-use option. These options, like Motion, can be great for making webinars, but I like the flexibility Keynote gives me for my live presentations.

Once more, I’ve tried to show the effect and how it’s done in a way that allows you to follow along with your own Keynote file.

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