A Keynote “How To” for beginner users: designing a slide using a quote to attract attention

Continuing my work on bringing Keynote features to readers, in the video below aimed more at beginners to Keynote, I show how to design a slide for high intensity quotations. This is a meme that’s getting around professional TV shows and their twitter feeds, and for a beginner transiting from Powerpoint, the tutorial highlights some of the basic mechanics of the Keynote user interface. The aim is to produce an engaging slide like the one below which contains a number of elements.

A design meme I'll reproduce in a "how to" in Keynote

A design meme I’ll reproduce in a “how to” in Keynote

Notice the elements:

  1. A large, full screen very sharp image.
  2. A portion of the screen is set to the left, fuzzed.
  3. On which bold sans serif text is laid, the quoatation
  4. The authors’s name in a smaller weight, but leaving the viewer no doubt the connection between author and quote

And now, here’s the video which you can follow to recreate this kind of image on your own slide. At the very end, I’ll demo a more advanced technique for users who have gained experience using move and wipe builds.

3 responses to “A Keynote “How To” for beginner users: designing a slide using a quote to attract attention

  1. Thanks, Wes. I’m not a beginner with Keynote, but I picked up a couple of ideas from your presentations. Thanks much.

  2. I love the aesthetic. But manually lining up the blur element is much harder than it needs to be. If you blur the entire image, you can paste it over the original and it will snap to perfect alignment using the guidelines. Then double click on the top blur layer and drag the side handles to change the mask clipping, selectively revealing the unblurred image underneath. This has the added benefit of being flexible – if you later decide you want the quote on the side after all, just change the masking.

    • Yes, another approach to solve the issue of masked blurs. In my case I wanted to demo the utility of a third party screen shot software that has many capabilities.

      Your solution is the most parsimonious however. And usually simpler is better. It would have also offered beginners to Keynote an insight into the use of Masking.

      Well sighted!


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