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All day Presentation Magic workshop in Darwin October 1

Just got word from the Australian Psychological Society that my submission to present an all-day workshop as part of its annual conference – this year held in Darwin in late September – has been accepted.

It has been a long time coming, as I’ve been proposing it for the last three years and each time it was rejected. This year, I put in for three different workshops and a paper presentation, and was waiting for all four to be rejected! This is called “Learned Helplessness”. But the all-day Presentation Magic workshop has been accepted, and while it is aimed at psychologists in various academic and applied settings, it will have practical value for those in other professions as well. Not sure if you have to register for the entire conference to attend, or just be a day registrant to gain access.

Should be a lot of fun challenging my peers about their presentation styles, which generally are perfect examples of “Death by Powerpoint”. The workshop happens at the end of the conference so hopefully with my trusty iPhone (which by then might be a 4th Generation model) I’ll take lots of pics of others’ slides during their paper presentations, and then perform a “slide makeover” during the workshop.

UPDATE: This workshop will now take place on Thursday October 1. It is the only all day workshop at the APS Conference scheduled for Thursday, and with places limited to 25 it will likely fill up fast.

From the APS website, here is the list of all workshops. The link to read more about them is here:

“The following workshops have been confirmed:

Presentation Magic Workshop May 6, 2009

Hi all,

My next Workshop on Presentation Magic is a combined morning event, culminating in a lunch, and including vocal coach specialist, Dr. Louise Mahler. It will be held in Brighton, Victoria on May 6, 2009.

You can see the flyer and all details below, but it should be an exciting and fast-paced dynamic morning’s work, and one where both of us expect you can immediately use what you’ve learnt. I’ll focus on presentations using slideware but won’t discuss the mechanics of the software itself except in passing. I WILL by necessity discuss the shortcomings of the “elephant in the room” – the Cognitive Style of Powerpoint – without going into the software’s shortcomings.

Nor will it evangelise Apple’s Keynote application, but I imagine those attending for the first time and who have worked exclusively with Powerpoint will have their eyes opened as to what slideware can actually do to better support your presentation in order to make it persuasive, memorable and engaging.

Contact me for my information, say if you want particular topics covered should you wish to attend, and I’ll also be attempting a slide makeover section of the workshop so you can see my ideas in action. Otherwise contact the Coaching Connection’s Jim Moore for bookings.


Hope you can join us - or send around to someone you think would do well to present better

Hope you can join us - or send around to someone you think would do well to present better