An Apple Keynote two-part tutorial showing how to create more engaging stories using “Draw with Pen” and the “Line Draw” build

Continuing my series of tutorials to help beginners to Apple’s Keynote presentation software, in this blog entry I am going to show you some examples of using the Line Draw build together with the “Draw with Pen” shape selector.

Using these two elements can allow you to illustrate an idea demonstrating change over time, as if you are drawing a free hand line with multiple curved elements. The idea is to replicate in Keynote the diagram, below, which I used for a workshop on introducing new IT for psychologists and the challenges altering one’s workflow can bring.

From Alex Miller's Pure Danger Tech website

From Alex Miller’s Pure Danger Tech website

I have divided the tutorial into two videos. The first is how to create the line from scratch within Keynote, below. The second is a tutorial using the same animated line, but this time stopping it along its path, allowing the presenter to interact with the audience before moving to the next element and repeating the process, all within Keynote.

Using the diagram, above, this will happen three times.

Video tutorial 1: Creating the line using “Draw with Pen” and the Line Draw build.

Video tutorial 2: Stopping the Line Draw build at three locations to emphasise ideas for the audience.

There are numerous ways to achieve the same effect. Drop in comment to share an alternative idea.

4 responses to “An Apple Keynote two-part tutorial showing how to create more engaging stories using “Draw with Pen” and the “Line Draw” build

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  2. For Part 2–why go through the trouble of drawing the line as 3 separate segments? Couldn’t you just export the movie of what you created in Part 1 and then use the video start/end points to do the same thing?

    • But that’s what I did, starting around 11 mins in. Triplicate the movie, which is an exported QT .mov or .mp4, then use Keynote’s Movie trim features to have each segment play as a movie over three slides.

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