Evaluations and Feedback

On this page you’ll find evaluations from previous workshops I’ve run on presenting skills. These mainly pdf forms and screenshots are exactly as I received them from the organiser, warts and all!

Early August 2011: I gave a series of short individual presentations preceded by several presentations within a one day workshop at the American Psychological Association convention in Washington DC. The workshop was on tele health and I offered some insights into how Australia is going about this exciting shift in the delivery of psychological services.

Here is a screenshot of an email (with ID obscured for privacy I received after):

Feedback for Workshop using Presentation Magic techniques at APA 2011

About a month later, the workshop team received feedback from the official evaluations. Quite a few were about the presentation styles and the words “dynamic” and “engaging” were mentioned.

Late August, 2001: In late August, I was invited to give a one day Presentation Magic workshop to a group of nurse educators, whom I learnt were steeped in Powerpoint 2003. The organiser had attended a very early workshop I had conducted for a government health agency (it’s located further down the blog for forensic nurses) and took some time tracking me down after her group had expressed the need to improve their presentation skills. She put her reputation on the line. Here’s the MS Word document she sent me in October with the evaluations. Nice!

Evaluation Les Posen final

– I gave a three hour Presentation Magic workshop to the Coaching Interest group of the Australian Psychological Society on June 5, 2010, in Melbourne, Australia. You can read the comments here: Coaching group evaluations.

January 2011: Macworld. Here are the evaluations for my one day workshop at Macworld. Not as many evaluations were handed in as macworld went from pen and paper evaluations, collected at the end of the day, to an online method. Much less compliance.

Hi Les,
Following are the results of the session evaluations attendees completed online. Please note that the comments entered were typed by the attendees who filled out the forms.
If you have any trouble reading the results, or have any questions, please let me know.
Session: WB: Presentation Magic

Average Attendance in Session = 40

Using a five-point scale, attendees were asked to rate each course on the following: 

(1=Poor – 5=Excellent)

Met My Expectations =  4.5

Effectiveness of Speaker = 4.8               

Effectiveness of Presentation/Media = 4.8                              

Match with Course Description = 4.5

Effectiveness of Audio Visuals/Sound = 4.8              


 I found this session to be:

Too Basic = 0%

Just Right = 90%

Too Advanced = 10%


I enjoyed this session very much, I would have liked a little more \’hands on\’ with Keynote but overall a great presentation/speaker
This session was well worth the money
Greatly exceeded my expectations.  Learned a lot.  Would like a few sample Keynote slides to analyze how transitions were put together.
Les did a very effective job of making his material very clear, while still letting us know that there\’s a lot to learn.
Les Posen ran a great and interactive, highly effective workshop
Les was very good.

– Here is the evaluation from Macworld 2010, where I presented a two day Powertools workshop in February 2010. You can see the evaluations by clicking this link: Macworld 2010 evals.

– Macworld 2009 evaluations, where I focussed on the why and how of presenting, and then showed how I used a combination of Apple’s Keynote 08 and 09 (released the day before!) to construct the presentation. (lposen_pr3)


– And here is Macworld 2008 evals, where I presented for about 75 minutes to about 250 people, for my first time. It was this presentation that proved Macworld MD Paul Kent’s faith in me was well placed, and saw me invited to present a two day Powertools workshop at Macworld 09 (lposen 915)


In 2006, I took my presentation skills and took them to a conference for accountants for their annual conference. I chose Personal Knoweldge Management as the topic, and for many it would have been the first time they saw a conference presentation without bullet points! (cpafeedback)


In 2007, I was invited to present at the Law Institute of Victoria Convention, with Presentation Skills for Lawyers for an hour. I was expected to use Powerpoint only, but I paid so I could use a Mac and Keynote!

Given I had something of a run-in with the conference organisers about this, it was gratifying to see the objective opinion offered by the outsourced evaluation organisation. (law-institute-eval2)


Soon after returning from Macworld 2008, I was invited to offer a one day “Effective Presentation Skills” workshop to a Victorian Department of Health Mental Health unit. They had heard of my work with another department helping them develop presentations to a group of forensic nurses. (2008-evaluation-effective-presentation-skills)


7 responses to “Evaluations and Feedback

  1. les –

    great to see such feedback. is it possible for you to post a few representative slides on your blog? currently there is no proof of the pudding! a corelation between the concepts you discuss in detail and how you actually implement them or what the audience sees

  2. Hi, I am attempting to access your presentation from MW09 (Presentation Magic with Keynote), but cannot locate it on the download site provided to me (http://macpres09.shownets.net). Would you send me (or give me access to download) the slides from your presenation?


  3. I’m assuming you attended the workshop, Madeline? I wasn’t given class lists to verify. I’m going to be putting up some of the presentation here on the blog in Quicktime format to capture the transitions and effects. But it will come after I finish a project I’m working on this coming weekend. Please be patient!

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  5. Please stop using FLASH since your essays on Presentation Skills can not be enjoyed on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


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