How to contact me for training

I’m available to lead a variety of workshops, presentations, trainings (group and one on one), and keynotes on a variety of topics, each having in common my Presentation Magic style of conveying complex messages in an engaging and memorable way. As well as one on one sessions, including presentation anxiety (Medicare rebates may apply in Australia).

Choose from the following:

Presentation Magic – the science, art and magic of presenting.

Web 2.0 and future developments – how to come to grips with new technologies

Psychological Wealth – what psychological science can teach us about happiness

Cutting Edge developments in Stress Management – it’s much more than work/life balance

Heart Rate Variability – PC-based approaches to anxiety measurement and management

The easiest way to learn more about these workshops, or to ask about developing one unique to your business or organisation, is to contact me via email or cellphone:


phone: +61 413 040 747

IM Chat or video-conferencing using iChat or Skype by individual arrangement via initial email.

3 responses to “How to contact me for training

  1. I am a biochemistry professor and researcher and am interested in your training. As I am in the US and you are in Australia do you do any presentation training over the internet? I am always interested in improving my presentation skills.


  2. Do you run workshops on using keynote? If so when, where and how much?

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