Daily Archives: September 20, 2009

Ah, if one day soon Apple’s Keynote could achieve these effects…

Every so often, I come across a marvellous brief movie that looks like it could have been produced using either Keynote or Powerpoint. When that happens, it reminds me of how these two popular software bundles are slowly moving closer and closer to professional production level competencies usually found in much more expensive and specialised video technologies and used in advertising or television studios, and high-end video production houses.

Below you’ll find an Australian-based Google video, released this past week, discussing YouTube’s penetration into the Aussie psyche. It’s a powerful short presentation (Do you like the Aussie accent? Reminds you of your Garmin GPS?) using many effects that make it look like it could be Powerpoint or Keynote, but if you know these softwares you’ll also see that only some of the effects are possible currently. But it certainly gives one hope that sooner or later, Keynote (I hope) will be able to achieve these effects, and very soon. (Perhaps most effects could be achieved now, but with huge effort).

If you think you recognise the software that Google used, please let me know in the comments section. Then I can communicate it more effectively to Apple’s Keynote team!

One more point: The comments make for interesting sceptical reading. Me, I’m far more interested in the movie conception and production qualities.

UPDATE: (September 22, 2009). A commenter writes the video has been taken down by the user. This WAS true. But a new version replaced it the next day, and can be seen below. I don’t know of the difference between the two – perhaps a statistical correction or removal of some copyrighted info.