Presentation Magic at Macworld 2010

Just a brief update about the Presentation Magic workshop at Macworld this past week; evaluations are in and it looks after talking to Macworld MD Paul Kent that we’ll be back in 2011, January 25-29 for Macworld 2011.

Here’s a brief Fox News report broadcast February 9 featuring a glimpse of the Presentation Magic Day 1 session, plus an interview about Macworld 2010 without Apple.

Next week when I return to Australia, I’ll give a lengthier entry with thoughts about the Macworld experience.

4 responses to “Presentation Magic at Macworld 2010

  1. Waiting for your update post-Macworld.

  2. Hey, Les, I’m still waiting for your comments about Macworld, etc. Do you need some caffeine?

  3. It’s coming… It’s coming, Bill…

  4. Les, just wanted to let you know I am anxiously awaiting your comments and observations about Macworld and your presentation.

    Perhaps my sense of excitement is being exacerbated by the Coriolis effect, me being a Northern Hemispherer and you a Southern?

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