Presentation Magic to offer two presentations (an all day workshop and a 45 minute Keynote “wow!” session) at Macworld|iWorld 2012. Question: Will Keynote continue to transform presentations with the passing of Steve Jobs?

I’m pleased to announce Ive been selected as one of five “Premium Training” workshops at next  year’s new format Macworld|iWorld Expo at Moscone Centre, San Francisco.

The IDG team has cut back from the many all day workshops of previous years, experimenting with formats for the show, following the cessation of Apple appearing officially at Macworld. Their last was the 2009 Expo, when Phil Schiller headlined the final Apple keynote. Much gloom and doom descended upon Macworld, but the IDG team have risen to the occasion and surprised many who though the show was dead.

IDG has had two years since Apple’s pullout to finesse the show and make it something Apple users will want to attend.

Already I’m hearing chit-chat on various Apple-oriented podcasts casting doubt on how IDG management has decided to move forward. Whatever the case, I feel confident I was selected to present a Premium training workshop due to my previous evaluations and the numbers who’ve attended my sessions since I first appeared at Macworld in 2008 (when Steve Jobs introduced the Macbook Air in his last Macworld keynote which I was fortunate to see).

Here’s the write-up on my one day session on Wednesday January 25, 2012:

WA: Presentation Magic with Keynote
Les Posen, Chief Magician, Presentation Magic
Apple’s Keynote is one of the most loved of Apple’s professional and educational products. While it can be used very simply depending on the presenter’s need, knowledge of presentation skills from both a design and neuroscience background will allow Keynote users to take their presentations to their next level, helping them make outstanding presentations.

This will be a fun, engaging and educative day where Les will do the walk and the talk. Attendees will leave, rushing to their Macs and iPads to make changes to their very next presentation.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who wishes to reach out to their audiences, whether live or via webcasts, and make a difference to how they learn. Prior knowledge of presentation software will help.

Attendees Will Learn:
The essence of making persuasive audience-oriented presentations, how the brain works when it comes to creating presentations, the power of Keynote to help the message delivery process, tricks and shortcuts to assist learning,  Keynote features often overlooked, answers to many practical presentation issues, deconstruction of slides and presentations that work and don’t work.

(Um… I also authored the abstract so you get some training in persuasive message delivery too!)

If you can’t make the workshop (do recommend it to friends, and perhaps you each can write to me with your particular training needs which you might ask me to cover), I am also doing a 45 minute Keynote-based session the next day as part  of the TechTalk sessions:

TT943: The Magic of Keynote
Les Posen, Chief Magician, Presentation Magic
New users to the Mac platform who bring with them the Powerpoint workflow often merely reproduce Powerpoint’s style with Apple’s Keynote. But Keynote can do so much more because of its advantages, if only users’ minds can be opened to its possibilities. There’s steal magic to be had in using keynote, and Les will demo the kind of Keynote uses that have audience go “Wow”, and then moan they can’t reproduce the effects on the Windows PCs!

With the online training business now worth billions, it’s time to see just what Keynote is capable of doing.

Who Should Attend?
All who wish to present better no matter the audience, and wishes to see Keynote pushed to its boundaries

Attendees Will Learn:
The capabilities of Keynote and presenting when the blinkers are removed!

By the way, it’s been a while since I posted some Presentation Magic and presentation evaluations and feedback, so head over to the Evaluations section here to have a read.

3 responses to “Presentation Magic to offer two presentations (an all day workshop and a 45 minute Keynote “wow!” session) at Macworld|iWorld 2012. Question: Will Keynote continue to transform presentations with the passing of Steve Jobs?

  1. Hi Les,

    It’s very interesting that you prepare those agenda. I would like to meet you someday. And here is an interesting experimentation that I am trying.

  2. Dear LP:

    You may want to proofread the TT943 description for homophone words. Best of luck in your MacWorld presentations.


  3. Les,
    I’ve learned a great deal from the blog – thank you!

    One item puzzles me: You use the term “vanity monitor” for a display that shows the presenter what the audience sees on the projector. Is it vain to want to know what your audience is seeing? I would expect a vanity monitor to show me what “I” look like. That matches two uses of ‘vanity’: sitting at a vanity, looking in the mirror to indulge my vanity.

    We use the term ‘confidence monitor’. It allows the speaker to be confident that the audience sees the correct content. Just a thought.

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