Daily Archives: November 13, 2012

Presentation Magic interviewed about presentation workflow, Keynote and helpful presentation equipment on the 5×5 podcast: Mac Power Users

I had an opportunity yesterday to be interviewed by lawyers, bloggers and Mac Power users David Sparks and Katie Floyd for their Mac Power Users podcast on the 5 x 5 podcast network. Our subject was Presentation Skills and workflow, and Keynote gets a good mention as well as some of the other tooks I use.

You can hear and the podcast and note links to items mentioned here: http://5by5.tv/mpu/111

The podcast is more than 90 mins and I hope you enjoy. Feedback and questions welcomed. You’ll hear us occasionally walk over each other and me do more than my customary “ums and “ahs” due to the nature of Skype audio (I’m in Australia and they’re in the US on the west and east coast).