Daily Archives: November 9, 2015

A Keynote presentation skills video tutorial on using hyperlinks – how to move beyond linear slide shows to something more interactive.

One of the problems with current slideware tools like Keynote and Powerpoint is their encouragement of linear presenting styles.

You start at Slide 1, and finish at Slide N, wherever that may be. You might decide to skip over some slides if time is running out, or your judge your audience can safely ignore Slides 5,7 and 10, for example.

Such linear presenting is very worthwhile for brief and to the point sessions.

But if you are running an all day workshop, or you’d prefer to be much more flexible in your content delivery, and invite your audience to participate in the proceedings, then you’ll need to learn about Hyperlinks.

In the video tutorial aimed more at beginners (but advanced users will enjoy too), I take you through some user cases for hyperlinking, and then show you how to create them.

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