Daily Archives: March 23, 2015

More ways to bring text into Keynote – using handwritten annotations to bring spontaneity and engagement to your presentations

Last week I showed you some advanced text rendering options for Apple’s Keynote presentation software.

Following the first part of a two-part workshop for psychologists, conducted this past weekend, I wanted to show how one can bring in hand-written text appropriately onto a Keynote slide so as to keep the presentation spontaneous and engaging.

In this case, I was introducing colleagues to how the iPad could be utilised in practice, and started with how Steve Jobs introduced this “magical device” in January, 2010, to see it initially panned by its critics, then become the fastest uptake of an computing device.

I took some screenshots from the keynote, eliminated some text elements, then introduced annotations by hand. If your preference is to see how to use Keynote in a basic fashion, there are many tutorials on the web to seek. I’ll be looking to demonstrate more unusual uses in future posts.

You can see the tutorial, constructed using Telestream’s Screenflow 5 software, and SP Controls, Doceribelow.